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300/500 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC

300-Hrs and 500-Hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training, Goa

Who can join?

Our Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is available for all our 200-Hr graduates and 200-Hr RYTs from other school who have some background in Ashtanga Yoga Primary series. If you are a 200hr graduate from our school then you are familiar with the names and key alignment points of the poses from Astanga Vinyasa Primary series chart and it won’t be difficult for you to take a plunge into the 2nd level of Intermediate Ashtanga Vinyasa Training but if you have done your 200-Hr training from another school then it is advised that either you book a 30-Hr/ 5days course at our school or join a Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series class in your country 3 months prior to your 300-Hr course start, with focus on learning all the Sanskrit and English names of the primary series asanas. Once you have booked the course with us we can provide you the study material with chart of poses and their names along with ‘Welcome Mail’, which you’ll receive after paying the booking fee. We also suggest you to take a chat appointment with our course director in order to discuss your state of practice and health condition for further guidance.

What will you learn in our 300 hour YTTC

    1. Asana Practice: It’s meant to take you to a deeper level of physical awareness through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga asanas. We’ll assist you at every stage of building your safe and progressive asana practice.
    2. Pranayama: Anapanasati or Vipassana techniques will be introduced in order to develop mindfulness to your own breath and making it into a daily practice.
    3. Art and science of Teaching Yoga: Developing the necessary skill of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa led-class and assisting students by adjusting and supporting them during their practice.
    4. Anatomy: Going through the study of anatomy in more details of applied anatomy, especially in the field of Human-locomotor system or muscular-skeletal structure and other necessary topics for becoming a safe Yoga Teacher.
    5. Physiology and Biomechanics: Applied Anatomy classes will also be combined with applied physiology and biomechanics of asanas. This class is a doorway to ‘Injury-Free’ Yoga.
    6. Art of Sequencing: A series of set Vinyasa Flow sequence will be taught to you so that you can learn the art of sequencing and create your own Hatha Vinyasa Flow when you start working as a Yoga Teacher.
    7. Art of Mentoring: You will be given opportunity to assist, support and mentor 200-Hr YTTC students.


300hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC

For the details of the 300 hours YTTC syllabus click here