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Asan Yoga is a Modern Yoga School, that began in 2015 and has been thriving under the wise guidance of the energetic Founder Risi SriVaso and led by Co-Founder Deepika Chalke.


A devoted lifelong disciple of T. Krishnamacharya and Shri B.K.S Iyengar, Risi SriVaso is a vast source of knowledge. He delved deep into the realms of the physical and cosmic body, drawing from his studies in medical science and yogic practices guided by various spiritual masters.


Risi SriVaso’s teachings are straightforward and easily graspable, sparking enthusiasm among yoga beginners. Today, his disciples are actively spreading the aesthetic principles they’ve learned from him, making them accessible to people worldwide.

Risi SriVaso

Asan Yoga is led by the vibrant and passionate Yogini, Ms. Deepika Chalke. With an impressive 4000-hr SYT under her belt, including a 500-hr RYT, Deepika brings over a decade of rich experience in the world of Yoga.


Immersing herself in various Yoga schools, Deepika dedicated herself to both advancing her practice and deepening her spiritual journey. Her mission? To empower individuals to achieve financial independence through Asan Yoga specialized Yoga Teacher Training Courses, which led her to establish Asan Yoga.


Deepika has spearheaded numerous Yoga Teacher Training Courses alongside her dedicated team. Through her meticulous training, she has nurtured aspiring Yogis and Yoginis into skilled Yoga teachers, all driven by a shared passion for spreading the ethos of Asan Yoga.

Deepika Chalke

Discover Yourself

Guided by the wisdom of our master, Asan Yoga embarks on a journey to unveil the inner self. Our approach begins with cultivating awareness in your body, followed by mindfulness of breath, and finally, understanding the workings of your mind and emotions. Amidst the layers of body, breath (Prana), mind, thoughts, and emotions, lies the core of your being. The gateway to this inner realm is through Asana practice.


At Asan Yoga, we offer a unique fusion of two traditional yoga styles, Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar Yoga, to delve into the exploration of the physical layer. Our dedicated instructors, all certified by Yoga Alliance, possess profound knowledge of postural alignment. They specialize in making your practice seamless and secure, prioritizing safety and avoiding any potential injuries through the utilization of Iyengar yoga props.


Come discover the transformative power of yoga with Asan Yoga, a growing community dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals.

Asan Yoga branches span across vibrant locations, under the guidance of Deepika Chalke:


With the help of our knowledgeable yoga teachers, begin a journey to better health, finding peace and vitality amidst busy city life.


Under the guidance of skilled yoga instructors, start a transformative path toward overall wellness, uncovering inner tranquility and energy.


With Yogini Aishwarya's (Branch Head) guidance, students start a journey of self-discovery, finding harmony in body, mind, and spirit.


In the serene environment, embark on a transformative journey of residential Yoga Teacher Training and Rejuvenating Retreats.

Join us and experience the transformative power of yoga!