The best location to attend yoga retreat programs in India?  

Are you planning your travel to India? A unity in diversity is the vibes you will get here. Irrespective of caste, religion, creed, lifestyle, dressing codes, cultures, you will find a heart to heart connection between people. As soon as you step in this country you will be overwhelmed by the fragrance of spirituality around you. This quality of togetherness syncs with the concept of yoga i.e. uniting us with every single molecule of the earth.

Undoubtedly you have chosen the right place for a yoga retreat. Now the question arises which part of the country you would like to travel? As India is spread over 3.28 million square km, it is the 7th largest country in the world. The statistic says, India also accounts for 2.4% of the area on the globe, with a land boundary of 15,200 km and the coastal boundary that includes the islands is 7,516 km. You can find lot of variety of landscapes, like, the mountains, rivers, forests, beaches along with big commercial cities. So what will be your best yoga place to travel in India?

Are you a mountain lover?


Yes, you can find the traditional root of yoga in the mountains of Himalayas, where all ancient rishis practiced their intense sadhana and revealed the truth of life. Dharamashala is one of the spiritual places recommended for yoga retreat. Who would not want to go to a place for yoga where the true spiritual master resides? Dharamashala is the residence of Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader who is giving a message of love and compassion to the whole humanity. All the Buddhist monks and the local residents are blessed by his presence around them.

Meditation and mountains have a great chemistry. In the midst of mountain one finds the silence within. Practicing yoga and meditation at your hometown is quite challenging. You need to create that calm and composed environment around you in order to connect to the centre of your being. When you are away from your house, the practice is easier as there is less chaos, less competition. So, Dharamashala can be the best option for your yoga holiday retreat.

Click on the link below to find yoga courses in Dharamashala.

Yoga Teachers Training Course in Dharamashala.

5 day Yoga Workshop in Dharamashala. in Dharamashala

Are you a beach lover?

Yoga Retreat Dharamshala


If you are fascinated more towards the beaches or warm weather condition then yoga on the beach is the best option. The weather condition will definitely support the physical aspect of yoga. The fundamental effect one can get in their practice and make their practice injury free as compared to practicing in cold region. In India, Goan beaches are quite inviting for the tourist and considered as a safe place for the travellers from all over the world.

There are many yoga schools available on the coastal region of India like Goa. One of the most recommended yoga center is Asan Yoga School.

This school gives a great combination of Ashtanga Yoga and Iyengar yoga style. Their 5 day Yoga Workshop is exclusively based on how to use Iyengar Yoga props and incorporate them in your daily yoga practice. They emphasize on how to make your practice injury free by knowing the proper alignment of the poses. Their yoga programs are efficient enough to nurture the spiritual sadhana.

Ultimately one can take the decision by keeping the top most priority in their mind. If you have a real urge to learn yoga then the location will not be an issue. In that case the best yoga school combined with your own enthusiasm towards the subject can give you the real experience.

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