What does yoga do?

Asan Yoga

In yoga you are doing two things,

  • Strengthening the witnessing quality

  • Awakening the kundalini energy


You just need to remember that you are like a mirror. It is a reminder for you. You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are just a watcher on the hill top. That is called Passive Awareness. Another word for this is Choiceless awareness.

When you take the lid out of pressure cooker in the middle, all the steam comes out. That movement is a reminder that you are not that steam. Just watch that steam. Just remember in the middle of the fury or anger you are not that. There is an element of watchfulness inside you. If you can remember this much you have got it. Your own witnessing quality inside you is your guru or master. That is a light which dispels all the darkness. You don’t need external guru. Budddha says ‘If you meet me in the meditation kill me’

Yoga in India

When you go for a hike with a fast pace, you exhaust your first layer of wings.  A point of saturation will arise within you where you will feel like you are almost breaking down. At this stage you have to stay determined without giving up. When you keep pushing yourself further there would be a point wherein you will experience that you have exhausted completely; the second layer of wing comes like a flood.  That is the awakening of your kundalini energy. The sudden rush of energy will breakthrough your first layer of wings. At this moment you feel that you’re neither this body nor this pain but a witness which breaks all the identification of the body.


There are two techniques in yoga which can give you the experiences of your full potentiality.

  • Psychological devices to train your mind. To empty your mind and bring mastery over your senses.
  • Physical technique to support that


How yoga makes the energy moves upward?

Through the practice of passive awareness. Knowing the mechanism of your distracted mind you can empty yourself and can gather the new layer of consciousness that is nothing but your prana energy.

Only when the kundalini energy moves upward the navel center that is the Manipura Chakra awakens. Till then energy is in a dormant state at lower chakras i.e. Mooladhar Chakra (Root center) and Swadhistana Chakra (Sacral center). These two chakras even you will find in animals. There whole life revolves around food, sex and instincts. But human being has a potential to go beyond that. When the energy comes like a flood towards you, you need to have very strong nervous system. So much energy will drive you crazy. You need yoga practice to give you grounding. Three things are physically supporting you and your meditation i.e. Kriyas (Cleansing process), Bandha’s (Internal lock) and Postures (Asana practice). The energy you have gathered in your meditation; The practice of Kriyas and Bandha’s creates vacuum in your body which helps one to lift that energy up towards the higher chakras. The postures will make your body and your nervous system so strong that you become capable to handle the flood like energy which is flowing inside you.

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Conclusion :

When you watch your suppressed emotions consciously you will never go crazy. Yoga is a practice of taking the lid out consciously and witnessing it from a distance, like a watcher on the hill top.