Why join Yoga Teachers Training Course in India?

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6 Reasons to join Yoga Teacher Training Course in India

Reasons to join Yoga

There can be multiple reasons to join a Yoga Teacher Training Course but one need to have that inner enquiry whether I really want to go for it? Following are the few points which can clear the mind-set of a yoga practitioner to choose a yoga course in India.

1) To get traditional knowledge of yoga from the right source.-

Knowledge of Yoga

It is very important for an aspirant to study the history and the vision of yoga. Where this ancient knowledge of yoga is aroused? Who are our ancestor yogis? Who brought the system of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga? Every master / Yogi has given unique technique for meditation to find the centre of our being. Meditation is a significant part of yoga.  Only when we explore, experiment and experience the path of spirituality, it can become clear to us.  Sometimes people don’t need any guidance in this area. They are carrying the glimpses of meditation since childhood but most of the people need a master’s guidance to explore this area. In this case joining a teacher training course and getting guided by the senior yoga teachers as a beginner can be the first step towards this path.

2) To deepen your physical practice :

Yoga as physical practice

We can’t learn yogasanas from You-tube videos or just by admiring the fancy instagram profiles. You cannot learn swimming just by sitting at the edge of the pool. You need to jump into the pool in order to learn it and get over the fear of drowning. Every beginner yoga practitioner needs a guidance of a yoga teacher who can teach him/her how to stand in Samasthiti, how to do forward extension or backward extension? What are the measure muscle groups involved while practicing a posture? How am I supposed to breathe when I am in a pose? What if I am not able to breathe in my pose? Every question has a scientific reason when you are exploring the physical layer through ‘Asana’ Watching YouTube channel and practicing advance asanas can be harmful and injurious for the practitioner.  One can make their foundation of asana strong in a Yoga Teacher Training Course.

3) To prevent all the diseases-

Pranayama at Asan School

Prevention is better than cure and that’s why yoga is best in all. Ancient yoga practices of Asana, Pranayama, meditation techniques combined with yogic diet have a power to heal the physical as well as mental ailments. It helps in preventing musculoskeletal diseases, physiological diseases; psychological disorders etc. 75% of our disorders are psychosomatic. The integral part of yoga is meditation which helps in preventing and treating the mental diseases. The mental health is a key of happy and successful life.

4) Self realisation-

Self Realization


Every human is involved in creating their external world happy and successful. Yoga is all about exploring the inner world. When you are clear in your thoughts, you have self acceptance, ready to exchange the love and have a sense of contentment within, it reflects in your external world. Yoga teaches you to explore the world inside out. Asana is just a small part of it but the real aim is self realisation where you become one with yourself.

5) For career perspective –

Career Perspective of Yoga

Yoga training certification opens the door for better career opportunity in teaching. After successful completion of Yoga Teacher Training Course one can apply for a job as a yoga teacher at nearby studio or Primary school or if you have a skilful communication and potential to uplift the mass for their mental and physical development then corporate yoga is now a day’s an essential requirement of an organisation. If you have a passion for learning and practicing yoga then it can certainly become a great career option.

6) Connect with likeminded people

Connect to like mineded

One can grow in his/her yoga sadhana (practice) just by staying in the meditative environment.  Whenever we attend yoga training courses or yoga retreats it helps us rise in our prana energy. That’s why it is important to connect with likeminded people. The real vision of yoga is; grow together, nourish each other and explore the inner world consciously.


Hope this article will help many yoga aspirants to get an inspiring perspective towards Yoga teacher training Courses in India.

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