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Q. Should I be a yoga proficient to enroll for the program?


A. Not needed. But we strongly advice you to attend our foundation yoga course before joining for this course as it would enable you and your body to become familiar and accustomed to yogasanas and various postures.


Q. I don’t know if I want to take up yoga as professions, can I still join the program.


A. Our yoga program is designed in such a way that it allows you to explore every bit of yoga and opulent history. You can first join and finish the course, and later decide about your career. We have seen many people joining a simple motto of enriching their own practice but finally ended up teaching and sharing what they experienced while practicing.


Q. How many students are admitted at a time for the course?


A. Our class strength ranges from 25-35 usually.


Q. Is there age criteria to enroll for the course?


A. In fact, age is no bar for learning yoga. But in order to ensure smooth course of the program, we have restricted the program only to the individuals falling in age group of 25-55 years.


Q. I have an injury/special condition – can I take this course


A. We prescribe that you check with your doctor first and must sign a waiver expressing that you can take the class. With your specialist's consent and discharge, minor physical ailments can likewise fill in as helpful for demonstrating to figure out how to deal with students with similar kind of impediments.


Q. Could I take this training if I’m pregnant?


A. We have had numerous pregnant students in our programs. Everything relies on upon how you are feeling. All students ought to first check with their specialist to ensure they are clear to take this training.


Q. what are the 200 hour graduation requirements?


For successful 200 hour graduation you should first pay fee in full and satisfy the following necessities:

1. Attendance of in-class teacher training sessions

2. Successful finish of homework, tests, in-class and bring home last, most decisive tests (don't feel

stressed, you will be prepared well!)

3. Participation in a last in-class practice educating practicum

4. Completion of class taking necessity (you may select weekend formats alone)


Q. I took 200-hour training with another school. Could I take your 300-hour course?


A. Yes! You should simply take our bridge program already. Our 75-hour Bridge Program is intended to give non-Asanyoga 200-Hour teacher learners the fundamental establishments and standards whereupon our 300-Hour is fabricated.


Q. What is the amount of time I am expected to spend on 200-hour homework?


A. Hope to spend between 3-4 hours for seven days on homework. The homework is intended to backing the material taught in class and help you coordinate what is illustrated into your own particular
practice and educating. In case that you are not anticipating to be a yoga teacher after completion of this course, you may pick not to finish the majority of the homework assignments and take the course for non-credit. In any case, in the event that you wish to get your Diploma and Letter of Completion for the course, you should appear for all of the sessions and finish all the homework assignments.


Q. What is the Yoga Alliance?


A. Yoga Alliance is an association that was begun in 1999 as an approach to make broadly perceived models for yoga teachers and yoga teacher trainings in the US. More yoga studios all over the nation are requiring their teachers to enrol with the Yoga Alliance, either at the 200-Hour or 500-Hour level. Yoga Alliance enrolment, nonetheless, is not a lawful prerequisite for educating yoga. Right now, there are no lawful certification necessities to be a yoga teacher. The Asanyoga Trainings are ratified at the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour and 500-Hour level in the United States. Asanyoga trainings have a 5 Star Yoga Alliance rating in view of past training members.


Q. Is the Asanyoga teacher training qualification recognized around the world?


A. Yes! The Asanyoga Teacher Training is universally perceived and regarded which is the reason we have more than numerous graduates. Our students originate from everywhere throughout the World to take our training and to convey the learning back to their home lands and to their own groups. However, it is advisable to cross check if there are any specific requirements in your country.


Q. After I successfully complete the 200-hour teacher-training program, will I be recognized as qualified

yoga trainer?


A. Yes! With the effective fulfilment of the considerable number of needs of the program, including contact hours, homework, and exam, you will get your Letter of Completion and Diploma proving your training at the 200-Hour Level. You may likewise enlist with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level. Alumni of the 200-Hour program for the most part start instructing in little studios, workout centers like gyms, with private customers (known circles), and so forth. Numerous new teachers choose to proceed with their Teacher Training instruction and take part in our 300-Hour Professional Program as an approach to additionally reinforce their abilities, information, and style as a yoga educator. The Asanyoga Professional Program offers an educational modules that expands on the material exhibited in Asanyoga introductory 200-Hour training and in addition a six-month apprenticeship with a senior teacher whom learners help week by week, and meet with month to month to increase important in class understanding and one-on- one consideration. This training is an exhaustive, proficient training for turning into a very talented yoga teacher. It balances and cements a teacher's total instruction.


Q. What is the Asanyoga certification assessment process?


A. We buoy up Asanyoga 500-Hour Graduates to put forth an expert statement by getting to be distinctly certified in the Asanyoga Method. This appraisal incorporates both a practical and written exam which will be assessed by a board of senior teachers. This accomplishment will show that you comprehend and speak to the norms for which Asanyoga is famous. Teachers who are Asanyoga Certified can title their class style as Asanyoga on studio plans. 200-hour Training Lead Assistants and Teacher Trainers are additionally required to be Asanyoga Certified.


Q. How do 200, 300 and 500 hour programs differ from each other?


A. We as of now have both 200 and 300 level courses. The 200 hour course is considered as foundational for educating. The 300 level course is comprised of proceeding with instruction modules. You don't need undergo our 200 level course to take our 300 level course. With your 200 and 300 level testaments, you may then apply for Yoga Alliance's 500 level certification.


Q. How much time will it take to complete the 200, 300 or 500 hour program?


A. A few people take the courses at the same time, while others hold up. The 200 hour training is 21 days private program. Our 300 hours comprises of 3 back to back or isolate 100 hour/10 days private trainings. The 300 hours courses must be finished within 3 years of the primary training.