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Asan Yoga combines the traditional significance of primordial yoga with current trends in yoga practice with a complacent approach. Our kind of teaching begins with a scientific approach and progresses towards a spiritual perception conceding a wholistic approach to this ancient science of yoga. Our course for yoga teacher training in India enables the mind to recuperate serenity and the body to rejuvenate its health, stamina and beauty.


200 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC at Asan Yoga, Goa


This is the basic yoga course you should attend if you wish to learn various styles of yoga and get an in-depth insight about yoga. You will acquire the most beneficial skills to handle your life with exceptional expertise through this course. Apart from physical fitness you will attain a stable and peaceful mind. This course deals with a variety of yoga styles and a profound understanding about yoga in detail and thus is certified by Yoga Alliance, UK. This is a basic and simple course that offers the concepts of yoga through a simple and profound methodology. It will mould you into a confident yoga trainer and by the end of the course you will be registered as an RYT 200 yoga trainer.

The 200 hour yoga teacher training offered by Asan Yoga is profound course that is capable of transforming your life altogether. This course is structured to impart the complete theoretical and practical knowledge about yoga, so that apart from practicing yoga for your personal interest, you can as well take up yoga as a profession by starting to teach yoga. You will be a registered yoga teacher.

200 (RYT200) by the time you complete this course. We have designed our course structure in order to turn each aspirant into a master of yoga irrespective of their proficiency in this field prior to attending this course. You will notice an abrupt upraise in your motivation and confidence levels.

This program is structured in par with the standards of Yoga Alliance and is strongly embedded with all the rudiments of yoga which has the immense potential to turn any learner into a master of this artistic science. Our course for yoga teacher training in Goa is exclusively designed in for the enthusiasts who aspire to acquire the complete knowledge and expertise of yoga sutras with a desire to become an established yoga trainer.

Iyengar Yoga basically focuses on appropriate alignment of body in various sequence of yogasanas. Iyengar yoga is much more than a simple exercise rather than it seems to be. Its step by step approach proves to be beneficial both physically and mentally. This process helps body, mind and soul to unite and enables one to experience the wholeness or completeness of one's own self. These asanas are structured based on the philosophy proposed by Sage Patanjali who is the author of Ashtanga Yoga.


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300&500 Hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC at Goa, India

300-Hr Ashtanga Vinyasa YTTC is 2nd level or advance Yoga Teacher Training. It doesn’t mean that one needs to be scared to apply for 300-HR because it is going to be physically more challenging or only advance poses will be taught during the course.

It only implies that wherever you are in your practice we’ll assist you to get further and support your practice with more theoretical and philosophical background. More breathing techniques and more meditation skills will be taught to you so that you can develop subtle inner strength which will help you in your physical practice also.

On successful completion of this training you receive a certificate which may be with Yoga Alliance UK gives you an international accreditation as RYT 300-Hr. If you have registered your 200-Hr certificate with Yoga Alliance prior to getting your 300-Hr certification and have a minimum of 100-Hr teaching experience then on registering your 300-Hr you will become a RYT 500 candidate.


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