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“Asan Yoga school is established by the team of dynamic women. They are the 4th generation of modern system of yoga, which started from T. Krishnamacharya and Sivananda lineage. They create more curiosity among students about high values of yoga.”


Deepika is our Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) registered in Yoga Alliance professionals.
She has been teaching and practicing yoga since  more than 10 years. She started practicing yoga for developing good health and fitness.
Soon she realised the real essence of yoga. She understood that yoga is not just practicing asanas or maintaining health and welbeing of the body but knowing the different dimensions of our mind. While practising yoga the health and welbeing is attained as a side effect of your sadhana. Since, then her whole perspective towards yoga changed.

After becoming RYT 500 she devoted her whole time and energy teaching at Asan Yoga School. Her sincerity towards her practice and teaching made her the lead yoga trainer in the school. She is specialized in Indian philosophy and has a vast understanding of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. Her practice has grown marvellously and she says her co-teachers has a great contribution in it. Her Indian back ground in Sanskrit language helps her to teach students Mantra chanting and difficult names of the Yoga poses with ease and comfort.
She feels the path of yoga is mysterious. Only the blessed one gets a right direction to walk on this path. You can find your way, only when you put your whole in search of that. Yoga is all about inner journey. Her aim is atleast to bring people to get introduced about this subject as now a days yoga has become so commercial and fitness oriented. Her effort is to spread the real vision of yoga to the whole world.



Nikita is one of our sincere and passionate yoga teacher at Asan Yoga School. She has completed her 500 YTTC in Multi-style and Ashtanga yoga from Asan Yoga School. She has been practicing yoga since her childhood. Being born and brought up in an Indian family and in spite of living in a chaotic city like Mumbai, she is very much acquainted with the spiritual practices on the path of yoga. Her parents introduced her to the spiritual practices and inspired her to study further in the subject of yoga.
After completing the 500-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course she never looked back to her city life or thought of settling into her old management studies. Infact she decided to merge her management skills into the teachings of yogic practices. She is predominant into the areas of technology, computers and telecommunication gives her a key role of Asan Yoga School. Her teaching styles includes Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative yoga. Her Yoga journey started with physical practice. Later in her practice she realised how mind is closely connected with it. The aim is to calm down the mind through working on our body.

She had an urge to know how this is happening and hence got engrossed herself into the knowledge of yoga philosophy & ancient Indian scriptures, which further helped her to deepen her practice. She wishes to share her knowledge and experience in yoga with people
around the world so they can experience the journey within. She loves being in Asan yoga school as she believes her true journey started from here. Asan Yoga School helped her to deepen her practice every day. It helped her in knowing the things she might have not known otherwise. She believes yoga as “way of life” and hence follows the same discipline in her life, the only “urge to know more” will take you towards your consciousness and the higher reality. She wants to spread this message to everyone through her practice.


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