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"Asan Yoga school is established by the team of dynamic women. They are the 4th generation of modern system of yoga, which started from T. Krishnamacharya and Sivananda lineage. They create more curiosity among students about high values of yoga."


Deepika is our Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) registered in Yoga Alliance professionals.
She has been teaching and practicing yoga since  more than 10 years. She started practicing yoga for developing good health and fitness.


Soon she realised the real essence of yoga. She understood that yoga is not just practicing asanas or maintaining health and welbeing of the body but knowing the different dimensions of our mind. While practising yoga the health and welbeing is attained as a side effect of your sadhana. Since, then her whole perspective towards yoga changed.


After becoming RYT 500 she devoted her whole time and energy teaching at Asan Yoga School. Her sincerity towards her practice and teaching made her the lead yoga trainer in the school. She is specialized in Indian philosophy and has a vast understanding of Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. Her practice has grown marvellously and she says her co-teachers has a great contribution in it. Her Indian back ground in Sanskrit language helps her to teach students Mantra chanting and difficult names of the Yoga poses with ease and comfort.
She feels the path of yoga is mysterious. Only the blessed one gets a right direction to walk on this path. You can find your way, only when you put your whole in search of that. Yoga is all about inner journey. Her aim is atleast to bring people to get introduced about this subject as now a days yoga has become so commercial and fitness oriented. Her effort is to spread the real vision of yoga to the whole world.



Aditi - Teacher at Asan Yoga

Aditi is one of the keen and qualified yoga teachers who is really passionate about yoga not only as a career but also as a lifestyle. She believes in imparting her yoga knowledge and sharing her years of practices to every individual who is walking on the path of yoga, along with transforming her own self. Aditi not only wishes to make yoga as her career but also is keen to spread the knowledge to anyone who is willing to walk on the path of yoga.


She is specialised in Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Her diversity in the style of teaching combined with comprehending every students case study makes her unique as a yoga teacher. She looks deep into the students need and teaches as per their requirement. After completing the 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Course from Abhinam Yoga School, Goa; she started teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series at Asan Yoga School.

Her qualification of Masters in Science with specialisation in Dietician became a valuable event in her life as a yoga teacher. Her distinctive ability of being a Dietician (MSc) helps her prescribe the right nutrient rich diet for her students along with their yoga practice. She believes that yoga and eating healthy organic wholesome food get along with each other. By eating clean and practicing yog sadhana regularly takes one to another spiritual dimension. By adapting these styles, yogic sadhana becomes more authentic and enjoyable.

Her yoga journey started at very young age as a physical practitioner.

Suryanamaskara was indispensable part of her life since childhood. Her initial practice was limited only up to a physical plane. Later she realized that yoga is not just attaining perfection in any asanas or any work out but it is knowing your inner self which can be attained by focusing on the prana energy (Breath), hence she started teaching meditation and breathing techniques along with asana practice.


Her childhood practice of chanting mantras in Sanskrit aided her in the studies of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the chanting of yogic mantras. Her beautiful voice along with self-charged energy creates cheerful vibrations and positivity around her. Her Sanskrit pronunciations are also very good so she can chant mantras in an effective way and creates an upbeat musical environment of joy and celebration around her.


Aditi’s command over Sanskrit language and an innate ability to talk about the yogic philosophy established her as a faculty member for online as well as offline Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC) at Asan Yoga School. Aditi also teaches yoga philosophy as a subject and participates in the various teacher training course at Asan yoga school.
After teaching and practicing yoga for more than 8 years she realised that yoga is a union of body, mind and soul.


She applies the same energy while sharing her practices with her students so that they realize that yoga is not a WORK OUT but it is WORK IN process. Eventually we realise this as we go deeper and deeper in our physical practice and achieves the symphony with our state of mind.

She resonates with the teachings from her guru that is - “YOGA IS A JOURNEY FROM FITNESS TO WITNESS”.


Mugdha - Teacher at Asan Yoga

Mugdha is one of the most sincere and committed yoga teacher at Asan Yoga School. Her powerful demonstrations of Ashtanga poses shows her many years of devoted practice. Strong in performance, yet gentle in her guidance attracts her students towards her teachings. Other than leading Ashtanga Vinyasa primary series, she participates in teaching various subjects like Teaching methodology, Pranayama techniques, Meditation and various Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC). She is also skilful in conducting various Mandala and vinyasa flows.


Mugdha's life was surrounded by spiritual knowledge, meditation techniques & different yogic tools at her early age. But the thought of pursuing a career in yoga lined up much later as she intensely desired to acquire in-depth knowledge in yoga.


Her yoga career started with the completion of 2 years of diploma in Foundation and Advance level of Yoga course from Mumbai University, followed by one year of Yoga Certification Course in Kaivalyadham Institute. Right now, she is pursuing her degree in MA Yogashastra through K.J.Somaiya College in Mumbai. She has also participated in different yoga competitions at state level in Mumbai. Being a Hatha Yoga practitioner slowly she was coming out of the blockage that, yoga is not only a tool for physical movement but in every practice she was experiencing the close link of her body with her breath and breath with the mind.


From then onwards she was seeking for a true environment which can support her physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing. This got fulfilled after joining the 200-Hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course at Abhinam Yoga school in Goa. Where she learned how to apply different methodology to ease an Asana practice, to get accuracy in pranayama, Bandha & Mudra techniques, how to practice meditation at the market place and create a yogic environment and implement the yogic techniques in daily routine.


After learning Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga she went through many positive changes in her physical & mental state. She noticed her breath becoming calmer, her body was much stronger and the combination of both was reflecting in her mind by getting mental clarity. She realised that the transformation happened immediately after she changed her eating pattern. The mindful eating not only changed her physical practice but also increased her willpower and gave her a clear perception towards life.


Her message to all the practitioners at this moment is yoga is a great tool to observe every movement in the moment in order to explore that which is unexplored. So go slow, steady and take the right guidance.



Sheetal is one of the devoted and diligent yoga teacher at Asan Yoga School. Yoga has been part of her life for over 4 years, her practice has helped her to grow stronger, flexible, fearless and confident both on & off the mat. Yoga inspires her to live each moment mindfully. As she adapted this as a career option at an early age of her life it made her stable and independent to take up her life decisions as an individual.


She completed her 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training Course from Asan Yoga School. By rigorous practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series with appropriate alignment techniques she took her asana practice at advance level. As she started applying Patanjali’s Yamas, niyamas, pranayama, from the yoga sutra comprehending the same with meditation & mantra chanting it helped her grow intellectually and see things from different dimensions.


She believes yoga is the relationship that is built between the body, the mind & the breath she also believes yoga creates space, frees or unlocks the knots and clears the channels for a better prana flow throughout our body and mind.  Now she has dedicated her life to help others walk this journey to find good health and mental wellbeing by sharing her experiences to people of all age group. As she believes yoga is for the entire human race, there is no age restriction in this fraternity. With this positive mind set she started her own yoga studio named "Shree yogvilla" in Mumbai - Dombivli.


Her message to all her yoga students is to keep practicing and never give up on the path of yoga and meditation. Because every step taken for the betterment of our life is countered back with the multiple positive results.