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Yoga School in Mumbai

“Elevating the mass from chaos to cosmos.”

Getting time off for yourself in your busy routine can be very stressful. With the intention to spread Yoga and mediation across the country, Asan yoga is now expanding its branch in Mumbai, India.

The external part of your life is entangled with internal part and vice versa. So our mission is to bring mindfulness in outer and inner layer. When you create mindfulness in the outer layer it is called as Asana, Pranayama; While when you create mindfulness in your inner layer it is called as Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana.


The Objectives of Asan Yoga Mumbai (AYM)

1) Right alignment of the poses to make the practice injury free and effortless.

2) Different use of Iyengar props in order to make the practice available to all age groups like ;

  • Youngsters – Fun practice with kids, Girls who are in menstruation, Yoga for primary school.
  • Middle age group : working women, women with menopause, weight loss  challenge, people having certain health issues and working class people.
  • Old age people
  • Specific criteria like Dancers, Sportsmen, athletes,  gymnasts etc. who is involved into lot of physical activity.


3) 5 day Yoga Workshop / 30-Hr Pre Yoga Teacher Training Course based on Ashtanga Yoga Primary series.

4) Pranayama and meditation workshops for specific physical and mental issue.

5) Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC)


Yoga Training criteria :

1) Yoga retreats / Yoga workshops group as well as one on one workshops

2) 200/300/500 – Hr Yoga teacher training courses (YTTC).

3) Regular Group classes

4) Corporate yoga classes / workshops

5) Yoga training for primary and secondary school.

After successful completion of the training/workshop, the participants will get an International yoga certificate based on Yoga Alliance(YA).

The Asan yoga centre in Mumbai is run by our vibrant Yogini, a senior teacher , Ms. Deepika(SYT)– Yog Sakshi. Under the guidance of Master Yog Namito, Deepika garnered in-depth knowledge of Yogasana and since then she got initiated into her spiritual sadhana. Having a mind like a sponge, she soaked up the knowledge of yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, alignment of each and every poses from Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series, several forms of pranayama and meditation techniques. Deepika believes that the intense learning and practice she received from her master, a disciple of B.K.S. Iyengar, has not only been an overwhelming experience but also has helped her align to her spiritual calling. After staying in the conscious community for several years, she believes it is essential to spread and enhance conscious living which is the vision the school.

Sakshi has established a team of well-trained and qualified yoga teachers who are passionate in spreading the values and mission of Asan Yoga School.

Our Mumbai branch is well endowed with a team of professional yoga teachers who carry the vision of spreading this profound knowledge, making it accessible at every door step in the bustling city of Suburban Mumbai.

Upcoming Dates of Yoga Teachers Training in Mumbai :

Feb 10 – Mar 15, 2020 – Mumbai  –   Apply Here 

Apr 21 – May 26, 2020 – Mumbai  –   Apply Here 

To get more information regarding the location and prices call on +91 9967428460 or

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