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This 7 day online or at the location yoga workshop is specially aimed to target specific muscle groups, ruling out injury and going deeper in your pose. It is very important to learn the correct alignment, along with safe usage of props, under the guidance of a teacher.

Yoga props are the game changers as they help in student’s postural alignment and change the perception towards yoga practice.


  1. All yoga lovers (experienced or freshers)
  2. Wellness and fitness enthusiasts
  3. Yoga teachers
  4. Sportsmen and athletes
  5. People with specific physical and mental ailments, with the physician’s approval


  • The practice of Ashtanga yoga primary series and a complete overview to the key alignment points of foundation postures are taught on a digital platform. It improves posture and overall structure of the body.
  • The methodology and correct use of props such as belt, blocks, bolster and chair are taught. You can go deeper into your poses, with the support of these Iyengar yoga props
  • Guidelines for safe and injury free practices are provided.
  • This workshop is available on the location as well as online as per the requirement.
  • On successful completion of the workshop, participants would be certified with a 50-Hr Pre-YTTC certificate and eligibility for 200-Hr YTTC.


  • 90 mins of ashtanga practice primary series
  • Alignment class and postural correction
  • Pranayama and meditation

Alignment workshop is conducted twice a month. For further details, contact: +91 9967428460 or Email us at- info@asanyoga.com
Upcoming Dates of 200-Hr ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training Course :
21st May to 20th June 2021 –   Apply Here 
21st July to 20th Aug 2021   –   Apply Here 
21st Sept to 20th Oct 2021  –   Apply Here 
21st Nov to 20th Dec 2021  –   Apply Here 

To get more information regarding the location and prices call on +91 9967428460 or
Email us at – info@asanyoga.com

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