रोजच्या सारखी सकाळी योगा क्लासला आले. क्लास आटपला आणि गप्पा सुरू झाल्या. बरेच दिवसां पासून कुठेतरी बाहेरगावी मस्त फिरून येऊया,
Students practicing Yoga in Asan Yoga School in Goa
6 Reasons to join Yoga Teacher Training Course in India There can be multiple reasons to join a Yoga Teacher
Are you planning your travel to India? A unity in diversity is the vibes you will get here. Irrespective of
  “Sitting silently doing nothing, spring comes and grass grows by itself.”-Basho, Zen Monk. The power to just sit still
  We don’t use our body to get into the pose. We use a pose to get into our body!
Is Yoga a Religion? Looking back into the roots of yoga, its history and philosophy, you see that yoga was
In yoga you are doing two things, Strengthening the witnessing quality Awakening the kundalini energy   You just need to
  Padmasana : A king of asana   Padmasana is consider to be a king of asana in all the
  What is a meaning of Brahmacharya for a yoga student and a teacher?             Does
Asan Yoga School Booking & Payment Options   The booking amount of 200H & 300H Yoga Teachers Training Course is